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Gathering Insights with Surveys

Surveys are an easy way gather information about users. They can be used in the discovery phase or once a website has launched to help evaluate the new design. Surveys can help uncover users’ preferences, opinions, demographic information and pain points making them very a great tool for UX designers. Steps for Creating Surveys Step ...

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Making the Wall of Knoweledge

A WOK is a physical space that is littered with Post It notes, sketches and screenshot print outs. It builds collaboration and facilitates information sharing by organizing large amounts of information in a scannable way. Stakeholders, IT partners and anyone who walks by is encouraged to review or contribute to the WOK. Throughout the course ...

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Intro to the Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is a time for questions, research and explorations. Within this phase you will be learning about the business that your project falls into, business goals, user needs and what else is going on in the marketplace. Discovery Phase Goals The purpose of the phase is to ensure the project team has enough ...

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